This page is a collection of notes and resources related to my interest in autonomous vehicles and self-driving cars.

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  • The SnakeOil page for my previous work on the Simulated Car Racing championships and autonomous driving AI.





  • http://www.auvsi.org/ - Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International - Expensive entry fee for a frightening mix of peaceful and weaponized AVs.


If you know of any or a better source of information for events and conferences, let me know!




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Autonomous Test Facilities


A great article about who is hiring among AV companies and what they’re looking for.

Classic Automotive



A decent list of some important players.

Silicon Valley

  • Udacity ★ - Yes, they have a car (named Carla) out on the roads!

  • Waymo ★ - Mountainview and AZ of course, and some testing in Lake Tahoe in the snow!

  • Uber ★ - Aka UATG. Famously near CMU too.

  • Lyft ★ - San Francisco.

  • Embark Trucks - very similar to Otto’s sensible business model. Also located in San Francisco.

  • Starsky Robotics - yet another autonomous truck company in San Francisco.

  • comma.ai - George Hotz. Retrofitting regular street cars to be autonomous with, basically, phones. A good video introduction.

  • drive.ai ★ - "Building the Brain of Self-Driving Vehicles", Stanford, CA

  • Nvidia ★ - On board computing platforms (Drive PX-Series) and machine learning firepower.

  • MobilEye a.k.a. Intel. A brilliant talk by Amnon Shashua.

  • Intel ★ - Besides owning Mobileye they have their own CA testing registration. They are also the original patron of OpenCV.

  • GM Cruise ★ - Sighted in San Francisco.

  • Aurora ★ - Chris Urmson. "Secretive". Palo Alto and Pittsburgh. Friends with Byton.

  • Nauto - Palo Alto, CA

  • AImotive ★ - Mountain View, CA and Hungary

  • Veniam - V2V and V2X

  • Savari - V2V and V2X

  • TrustPoint - V2X (Canada)

  • http://robopgh.com/

  • NIO ★ - Maybe aka "NextEv USA, Inc." San Jose, Munich, London, Shanghai, and eight other locations

  • Didi Chuxing - Mountain View, Chinese Uber opens AV lab

  • BaiduUSA Autonomous Driving Unit ★ - Sunnyvale, CA

  • MIT - http://selfdrivingcars.mit.edu/join/

  • GM - https://www.glassdoor.com/Jobs/General-Motors-Jobs-E279_P2.htm

  • Hella Aglaia, Germany

  • voyage.auto - article - Spun off and partially owned by Udacity.

  • AutonomouStuff - supplies "components, engineering services and software that enable autonomy."

  • Wind River - Owned by Intel. Their logo more aptly just "wind"?

  • CivilMaps - SF

  • Peloton - The old SARTRE truck platooning idea, Silicon Valley style.

  • TeleNav ★ - wireless location-based services, GPS, automotive navigation solutions W

  • AutoX ★ - "AutoX’s disruptive camera-first AI brings self-driving cars out of the lab and into the real world."

  • Renovo ★ - "merges self-driving software, data analytics, and automotive-grade safety systems into a unified high-performance solution"

  • PlusAI ★ - "AI and Autonomous Driving R&D is based in the heart of Silicon Valley". And maybe some in China.

  • Ambarella ★ - Santa Clara and China (or the other way around). "Flexible computer vision engine with DNN processing".

  • Pony.ai ★ - Silicon Valley and Beijing.

  • JingChi ★ - Sunnyvale and Bejing.

  • Roadstar.ai ★ - Cupertino and China.

  • SAIC ★ - not the weaponeers (who sponsored DARPA Highlander), but the Chinese car maker. San Jose.

  • Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation ★ - "Professional transportation for any occasion." Very strange.

  • Cyngn ★ - Strangely (and a bit sadly) formerly Cyanogen mod. Palo Alto.

  • Phantom AI ★ - Burlingame (San Matteo). Some bad luck for them. Looks like they are more interested in remote controlled driving, mostly aimed at getting true autonomous systems out of weird puzzles. Note that such technology is clearly superior for military transport, the original motivation for the DARPA Challenge.

  • SF Motors ★ - EV maker. "Headquartered in Silicon Valley" (Santa Clara) and perhaps China.

  • Aeva "A New Paradigm in Autonomous Navigation". (Palo Alto)

Not Silicon Valley

Pure Vapor

  • LeEco - Concept cars for AV. Supposed to be vapor.

  • Zoox ★ - "sorry kids, zoox is in stealth mode", Menlo Park, CA fully autonomous mobility service, competent, serious, working on a compact 4-seat vehicle, fleet, well-funded, 240 people (2017-05-28)

  • Tetravue - From their website: "Tetravue has recently secured 10 Million Dollars in a Series A round of funding from Robert Bosch Ventures, Nautilus Capital Partners, Samsung and Foxconn."

  • Apple ★ - NYT on Apple scaling back its vapor; the article uses the phrase "the lack of a clearly defined vision" which says it all.

  • Jaguar Land Rover - "doesn’t consider its customers as cargo". Fine, be that way. Oh look, starting to find religion now (with Lyft). And the slightest mention of a Range Rover as part of an Oxford Robotics Institute initiative called "Driven".

  • Microsoft

  • Nuro ★ - ? delivery? Brad says, "…well funded and plan to operate on streets rather than sidewalks." MtnView.

  • CarOne ★ - ????

  • Nullmax ★ - Null information on this.

  • Samsung ★ - No real information.

  • Apex.AI ★ - Entire web site: "Toward a world of seamless and safe autonomous mobility." Mountainview.

  • Gatik AI ★ - Entire web site: "Autonomous Vehicles (L4) for Urban Logistics". Sunnyvale.

Auto Industry Suppliers


Brad on the topic of mapping. Obviously major players have in house mapping efforts (Waymo, Tesla, MobileEye).


Autonomous Parking