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Technical Website

This technically oriented site contains all of my computer related information. If you are looking for software I created, my PGP public key, or information about my work as a manufacturing engineer, check this out.

Help Notes

Here you will find a collection of my personal technical notes covering Linux, Unix, free software, and other technical topics.


My resume is automatically generated into many formats from XML using custom XSLT and groff. If none of these formats is sufficient for your purposes, it is unlikely that either of us should worry about that too much.

Work Information

I am a Research Associate at the School of Pharmacy at UCSD. If that sounds surreal, check out my work page to find out what I'm really doing.

Bicycle Trekking Adventures

A long, long time ago I used to be interesting. I have ridden a bicycle across the continents of N. America and Europe several times. This web site safeguards my precious bicycle adventure records - photos, journals, etc.

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