Yesterday morning @dpbuffalo kindly tweeted this photo.


Yes, it’s cold, but I like that sort of thing. At least I can just sit there with my hands in my pockets while the boat completely drives itself the entire route.

Here is the photo I took very near that spot in the reverse direction.


Notice the excellent clouds, lighting, tree conditons, water textures, lens flare, etc. The reason I keep pushing to go out is to collect fantastic data like this.

Here is a dramatic scene while the boat drives out of the marina.


Less than four minutes later, the lighting and water texture are quite different.


(This may be a good time to consider the profound difference bewtween stupid looking hats and stupid hats.)

Also shown is my favorite camera, a fun little side project which I built out of trash left over from some GoPro packaging plus microscope slide plus Raspberry Pi plus Linux. Unlike a GoPro, it is rain proof while connected to power. You can imagine that being useful to me given the weather I go out in.

Here’s a sample from a couple of days ago in the rain.


And my trash camera floats! This makes it easier to retrieve valuable data if it ever goes overboard. A similar consideration is also wise when choosing hat color!