Skiing The Trails Behind My House

:date: 2023-01-28 15:26 :tags:

I'm working on a project that will require some footage of snow covered trails and I realized I better get my camera set up and get on that. Now. There may not be many more opportunities at this latitude.

I thought some people I know might enjoy seeing where I ski. So here you go.

The timings are at 2.5k and 5k. You were spared from more footage by GoPro cameras not being especially reliable.

It was a few degrees above freezing when I recorded this. This snow was light to start with and getting lighter every moment. In some spots you can see through to the asphalt of the trails. (Here they are in autumn.) The tracks I have set have been massacred by dog walkers. I'm sure I've cleared a thousand sticks off these trails - with only a centimeter of snow, every pencil-sized twig is felt.

I have some beautiful Fischer XC Twinskin Superlite skis I bought new in November. It would be a crime to grind them up on a messy course like this. I've been able to use them precisely zero times this season. I also just bought a used pair of Madshus Nanosonic skate skis to go with my Fischer RCS Skate Plus skis  —  obviously there's been no chance for skate skiing anywhere near here this year. If you would like me to provide region-wide snow removal services, I'm currently available to professionally buy skis and live in your area.

Enjoy this image of the Lake Erie - Niagara River Ice Boom. With no ice.