I’ve really been enjoying the autumn colors this year. I’ve been going for walks in our community’s forest every day and I wanted to preserve and share a little of what that’s like.

On today’s walk I happened by the polling place where early voting is underway. While this photo shows some lovely trees, what it doesn’t show — which is why I’m telling you — is that the line actually snakes around the back of the parking lot and all the way to the far right of the photo.


Interestingly there is exactly one executive function of the government that has taken the pandemic very seriously — perhaps more than any other entity on earth. Thanks to the USCIS, that’s a line I will still be disenfranchised enough to not stand in. And no, Fox viewers, I’m not compelled to stand in the cold for hours because I can’t resist getting high on some sweet sweet voter fraud.

I’m quite terrified of the reason my neighbors seem so serious about voting. All I can say is I hope they do not fuck this up.

All very stressful, isn’t it? Well, let’s get back to putting that shit show out of our minds and enjoying the nicer part of the walk.


I do love living in a forest!