Chris X Edwards

Pity The Onion with real headlines like this: "Saudi Arabia Elected to UN's Commission on the Status of Women"
2017-04-25 09:00
Of 2017's 112 days, expected 56 warmer than avg historical high. Got 68. Should be 56 cooler days than normal lows too. Only 15! (NOAA-KSAN)
2017-04-22 14:20
I saw a lot of ad hominem ridicule of Trump at the MarchForScienceSD this morning. So sad. We can do better. Should be ridiculing Pence too.
2017-04-22 13:08
Problems you didn't know you had: space fission. Space debris collides, explodes into more debris. Soon you have the Wall·E launch scene.
2017-04-21 14:32
Hard to say who's the bigger jackass, the guy whose vehicle is so loud it sets off a car alarm, or the owner of such a sensitive alarm. Tie?
2017-04-21 10:05


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