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August 2012

This website is for people interested in technical things I have done.


Professional Qualifications

My résumé can be found here.


Information about my job.

Programming Page

My collection of public domain programs.
  • gradu
  • vmaster
  • numbfile
  • Xeduler


My extensive help notes about all kinds of Linux and Unix topics.

Beginner's Python Tutorial

At first Python seemed kind of werid to me. But I decided to get to know it and wow! I can't believe I ever accomplished anything without it! What's the big deal about Python? Well, you have to use it a bit to find out. To do that, you need to learn a bit about it. If you'd like to do that, then start here.

Regular Expression Tutorial

I like "regular expressions". I developed this tutorial for my students and anyone interested in taking advantage of the power of regular expressions.

Simplified Tk Reference

Most information about Tk is either too incomplete or too comprehensive (i.e. the man pages). This collection of notes attempts to provide a typical look at what each Tk widget does and how it does it.

Perl CGI Security Notes

I gave a talk a the San Diego Supercomputer Center about Perl CGI security issues. This explains how to write secure CGI programs and insecure things to avoid. Perl CGI security is as easy as choosing good passwords, but like with passwords, you need a bit of knowledge and you need to actually follow through.


My PGP/GPG Public Key.

Engineering Work

Information about manufacturing engineering work I've done.

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