Specifically these notes relate to music for nerds.

My Other Notes

  • Sound - Beyond just music per se, maybe just noises.

  • MIDI - The quirks of MIDI.

Music Notations And Encoding

  • DARMS - Digital Alternate Representation of Musical Scores. A classic ancient project that has a lot of thought and effort put into it. Here is the original reference manual document from 1976, typewritten!

  • ABC - Some documentation. I’m wondering if ABC can do chords.

  • Scot - Score Translator. The site has a good recap of other historical predecessors.

  • ALMA - Alphameric Language for Music Analysis

  • MusicXML - Ug. But maybe the right thing to do. An interesting 2015 article about what’s going on with this technology.

  • w3.org Music Notation Community Group.

  • What HTML is to SGML, MNX seems to be to MusicXML.

Here is a whole reference list of such things.