Snow Finally

:date: 2022-01-17 20:26 :tags:

Thanks to everyone who recently said hi. Hi!

I've been kind of annoyed recently that we're now well into mid January and we still haven't had a proper snow where I wasn't tearing up my skis. No snowfall yet this year has been able to completely cover a pencil sized twig. If I lived in San Diego, that's excusable, but I live in the American suburb of Canada's largest city (basically). But we can put that annoyance behind us now and concentrate on not dying in a car accident on icy roads because it did finally snow properly. Yay!

I am visiting Erie this weekend and there was finally an impressive snow storm on the Lake Erie shore last night. Quite impressive. All of this fell in about 6 hours.


I'm a snow shovelling enthusiast and I spent nearly 2 hours on this lot even with D driving the snow monster.



Of course, the whole reason I personally want some snow is so that I can ski. And today we went from zero to too much  —  but there is never too much! But without any groomed (or well traveled) areas, this huge amount of snow can be quite tricky if not impossible to negotiate.


But I'm certainly not complaining about a lot of snow! Huge amounts of snow stand a better chance of surviving the 50F/10C rain that will no doubt be here within days. So I'll take it!

You can see that I'm finally getting a chance to test the new hand covers I designed and made. These are designed to be completely windproof while not cutting off circulation. These allow you to use ski poles with very thin gloves; here I'm actually not wearing any gloves under these.


For now, skiing in the street actually works fine and I really enjoyed it. This snow should be good for at least a few more days of skiing and that makes me very happy.