Though categorically better than alternatives, there are not many fun parts of dying of old age. But one I’ve found is that the ice skating session at my local ice rink reserved for "seniors" is open to me! Just having a "local ice rink" would be awesome enough, but sharing the ice with only 0 to 5 people is extremely awesome!


I was given a pair of second hand hockey skates last year and that’s when I discovered the opportunity at the rink. I had just skated a couple of times and had the skates sharpened because I was committed to going regularly a couple of times a week and… Closed for the year. Thanks Plague, for nothing.


Well, it’s open now, and I am skating for about 80 minutes two times per week. And I love it!

As a triple bonus, I can ride my bike there along very nice bike paths — here is a video of me skating to the rink back when it was closed.

Here are some more poor quality videos I took while on the ice.

Here is what I look like skating.

Here’s what it looks like to be me skating.

Here’s a weird video of my feet.


Here are some more videos of me skating just to get the links in a coherent place. Unless you’re me, best to ignore.

And some wheel skating in San Diego.