ADS is often a thought provoking blog and I just read the post advising us all to become billionaires. Uh huh. Inescapable logic. On it!

I thought it would be a good time to explain my lottery tactics which also feature inescapable logic. Most people who know me know I’m courageous but cautious — fear itself does not impede me, but the possibility of bad luck does. Surely the engineering (IE FTW) that goes into lotteries which is designed to make you poorer must be respected, right? Yup.

Not only do I play all my state’s crazed lottery offerings, I play every state’s. And lotteries from around the world! How do I manage this administrative tour de force? The strategy is simple.

Instead of buying the lottery tickets, the optimal strategy is to find the winning tickets lying on the ground.

You may object that the chance of finding a lottery ticket of any kind is rather unlikely. Note however that this objection does not apply to serious lottery players like me.