I’m a big fan of Steve Wozniak. I found his perspective on smartphones interesting. Answering the question, "Do you ever feel in your own life that it becomes overwhelming?"

I have that feeling all the time because I like a nice, quiet, simple life. I grew up shy. I’m more into products than I’m into socializing. And I do not carry around my phone answering every text message instantly. I am not one of those people.

I wait until I’m alone in my places and get on my computer and do things where I think I’m more efficient. I really see a lot of people that are dragged into it, but you know, I don’t criticize them. When you have change, it’s not that the change in how people are behaving different to you is bad or good, it’s just different.

So that’s sort of the modern way, and you know the millennials, every generation wants to criticize the next generation for missing out on things like personal human contact, but I’ll tell you a little story. When we started Apple, Steve Jobs and I talked about how we wanted to make blind people as equal and capable as sighted people, and you’d have to say we succeeded when you look at all the people walking down the sidewalk looking down at something in their hands and totally oblivious to everything around them!

I also felt this bit was noteworthy.

A focused student is someone who does all the right homework and gets all the right grades and they answer all the questions the same as somebody else that’s called smart, you know. And I don’t know, I always wanted to be in a different world, think differently. So I wasn’t all that focused.