I got into driving sims while working on driving AI. When the Oculus first was a thing, I instantly realized that drving sims were an ideal genre for the technology. Unfortunately, the Oculus creators and the VR community in general seem to be blind to the obvious.

An interview in Fortune with super genius John Carmack finds him finally saying the exact same thing I’ve been saying for several years now.

What has surprised you about the types of VR games developers are making?

Everybody just assumed that first-person shooters were going to be the big thing in VR because [Doom 3 BFG Edition] was the initial demo. But very quickly Oculus learned about the issues with simulator sickness. Comfortable VR experiences had to be these seated cockpit games and you’re diverging from that at your own risk. The great games are the space sims and driving sims and these experiences where you’re basically sitting at a table with nothing happening in front of you. A lot of interesting things are evolving there. There are great games that can be made.

This emphasis on 1PS games in VR makes no sense at this point and really drives me crazy. And still, years after realizing what kinds of games should be targeted…

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What’s further madness is that the cockpit simulator games attract people with big hardware budgets. Not only that, but wearing bulky headgear is actually quite realistic for race car drivers. I’m not going back to Gran Turismo or computer racing until VR is solid in the genre. Maybe John can light the fire.