I just received the greatest recruiting email of all time. This is for a job with a large software company in Redmond, WA. I kid you not. The end of the mail enumerates the requirements as follows.

Needs to have familiarity with:

  • Python and/or Ruby Experience

  • Chef and/or Puppet Experience: Desire persons whom have been exposed to programmatic automation

  • CCNA level network knowledge: Desire network understanding of subnetting, network management protocols such as SSH / SNMP / serial console interactions

  • Linux experience

  • Knows how to use either VI or Emacs editors

If interested, please reply with current Word resume. Thanks!


Wow… Just wow. Bonus points for the incorrect usage of "whom".

But at least they’re trying. My Pyrrhic victory over Microsoft will be complete when I do not have to ever even contemplate giving them money, directly or indirectly, in order to use software unrelated to them. Progress has definitely been made! The world is definitely a better place. Who knows, once that situation exists, maybe I will work for them.