A review of the brilliant Matt Ruff’s superb book, Bad Monkeys.

This is a great book. Like other excellent books I’ve read, I keep thinking, this would make a great movie. Maybe that’s because movie plots are so terrible generally and books like this prove that awesome writing is possible. This book had all kinds of action, you know, car chasing, (almost cliche, but not cliche) horror movie devices, weapons, fights, even Matrix style bullet time (but amazingly done tastefully). However, this book won’t give you an action movie feeling. The best movie analogue to this book is not an action flick, but rather something like Memento. A very quirky fascinating story that is very thought provoking. The kind of thing that’d be worth another read. Also the plot twists were about as good as they come. If it was in movie form with such excellent plot twists, it’d be in a class by itself.