A review of Daniel H. Wilson’s novel Robopocalypse.

First, I love this theme which is basically a Terminator style unhealthy mutiny of some kind of technology. I’m pretty knowledgeable about technology and this book really did an excellent job of not deviating too far from plausibility. Many of the big problems in real life (cooling supercomputing equipment is one I’m personally familiar with) were at least acknowledged and then magically waved away in the pursuit of compelling fiction. While I’m generally fussy about technical and scientific details, this book placated me enough that I could concentrate on the story with just about the right amount of suspension of disbelief.

This is definitely a modern composition. The organizational units economically considered my patience and attention span. The nonlinear story line strongly resembled a modern action movie. One of my main thoughts while reading this was, I absolutely would love to see the movie of this! (Maybe it should have started out as a screen play.) That means that it was full of imaginative and photogenic creatures and action sequences. Sometimes it even seemed to border on cinematic cliche. In the movie "The Incredibles" there is a gag where a couple of the villains are taunted for "monologuing". Even though the antagonist of this novel falls into that trap of triteness, generally the book is highly imaginative and creative. I thought it was easy to overlook these little issues.

Definitely an enjoyable read!