I just finished up a fun project I’m very proud of. It’s basically an entry in a big computer graphics animation event run by some YouTube guy. In theory, there are prizes and judging, etc, but I didn’t do it for competitive reasons. It just looked really cool and a good way to push my animation skills. When I saw the previous version of the contest, I kept thinking, damn, I should have done that! Now I did!

As a bonus I didn’t do this alone. My kid has just graduated from high school and is picking up Blender skills at a furious rate. We were able to work together as a very effective team which was quite gratifying.

The basic premise of this version of the contest is that each entry will have a specific chrome ball drop from the top into a specific box and after a certain number of frames (225 to be exact, 7.5s) it will exit out the bottom. In that way the ball will move from entry to entry as the camera pans down indefinitely over some pretty amazing stuff.

Note that this image is of a 350 year old painting depicting the classical vanitas theme.

Still Life With A Skull

We did not paint this. It is not even a part of the entry. We used it for decoration and inspiration.

I need not say any more about it here since I have written a lot more on its dedicated project page. You can read all about what kind of event this is, what our concept was all about, and tons of details about how we made the thing.

I’ll be posting again when results are announced.