I just finished Neil Stephenson’s latest book, Seveneves. While I completely sympathized with some of the unenthusiastic reviewers, I loved this book nonetheless. How much did I love it? Well, I finished it 3 days after checking it out which is remarkable given that it is 867 pages long. I would say that if you liked The Martian (which I’ve already reviewed) so much you wish it was about triple the size, then you’ll love the first two thirds of Seveneves. If you’re also a Neil Stephenson fan, you’ll like the final third too. And if you’re a huge Neil Stephenson fan like I am, you’ll hope he’s working on a 1000 page sequel. As many unhappy reviewers point out, this is not so much a book about emotional human interactions and believable psychology as it is about engineering and, literally, rocket science. If you find complex technical solutions to problems exciting and interesting, this book is a delight. Even if you’re not so into the technical aspect per se, the rigor and competence of Stephenson’s conceptions help to build a terrifically coherent and believable world.