I realized that I had not read Zodiac and since I am a complete Neal Stephenson fan, that needed to be fixed. This book is short and easy to read. It’s set in the exciting world of active environmental activism. Stephenson makes the topic pretty interesting and he seems pretty competent with the chemistry he adds for realism (which is safely ignored). In fact that’s something about Neal Stephenson that I love: sometimes he crosses into one of my areas of specialty and he’s usually dead on. Here is a short passage where he’s talking about riding a bike a night:

"You got a light on that [bicycle]?" I laughed. "Since when are you the type to worry about that?" "It’s dangerous, man. You’re invisible." "I just assume I’m not invisible. I assume I’m wearing fluorescent clothes, and there’s a million-dollar bounty going to the first driver who manages to hit me. And I ride on this assumption."

I could have written that! Another great job, Neal!