A few days ago, I wrote about my thoughts on Git and Github. Today I had a reason to add another point to consider. Looking for some software which was hosted on Github, I got an HTTP 500 (500 Internal Server Error) with a cute animated cartoon saying that "something" was wrong.


The problem was fixed in a few minutes but I got to imagine what life would be like if all my code was stored there and such an event was more protracted. I think that Github is pretty sane and if you think you should use it, you definitely should! But for those of us who don’t, remember, we have our reasons.


Also, ever wonder how long your data will be reliably hosted on Github? No one knows for sure of course, but Google Code might give you a hint. Looks like about 5 years. Good luck!


Here it is again on 2016-01-27.


My software repos had better uptime than this in the last year.